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Tired of tough steaks, overdone burgers, limp salads or burnt toast?  Had it with rude or non-existent table service?   Or just don’t feel that meal is worth the price?  The Grim Eater wants to know.   Post your grim "report" right now!

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Horror at Grim
Ebola Doc Eats at The Meatball Shop nr Highline
Horror at Grim
Study: Drinking soda leads to premature aging
Horror at Grim
Video: Chicken guilt over little girl, Snow
Horror at Grim
Paris chefs fight to eat songbird
Horror at Bar Pitti
New smoke bomb video released at Bar Pitti
Horror at Grim
Hip Mission Chinese restaurant attracted mice: sui
Horror at Grim
Review site Yelp battles extortion claims
Horror at Blue Ribbon Sushi Manhattan
Creepy Crawlers
Cockroaches rain from ceiling at Blue Ribbon Sushi
Horror at Grim
Put a `steak' in it
Walked out of McDonald's near 46th St and 7th Ave in NYC today. Took way too long to get one steak taco. Calling it fast food is a misnomer.
Horror at Fushimi
Not worth the trip
The place looks nice enough, but the standoffish staff and lackluster food made for a disappointing experience. And for the small fortune we spent, we could have eaten with an Iron Chef. - Jess
Horror at Grim
Taking Pork to the Extreme
Man shoots drunken roommate in pork chop dispute
Horror at Grim
Minetta Tavern
I've been meaning to check out Minetta Tavern for quite some time. It's always packed, but one recent night we managed to squeeze in for an early dinner. We were seated in the back room, which is rather dark & dank. The clientele resembled a senior center. And while our appetizers and Minetta Burger were top notch, a bar steak we ordered was not. It was so salty that it was nearly rendered inedible. It's really not worth the hype. Sorry, Charlie. - Grim
Horror at Grim
Le Vermin at Zabar's
A rat sighting at upscale Eatery Zabar's E.A.T on Madison and East 81st may have the upper crust losing their appetite. Click here for more
Horror at Grim
Use Your Noodle
Stopped into Happy Wah, a run-of-the-mill spot for Chinese food on Delancey. What caught my eye was the woman behind the counter using the phone and cash register as she filled those little wax paper bags with crispy fried noodles. No gloves. Just her bare hands. I'll have to think twice before dropping those noodles into my chop suey next time around. - Grim
Horror at Grim
The Invisible Man
I hate places that make you feel invisible. But I urge you to fight back. I did during a visit to a Starbucks on 43rd St & Broadway. I felt lucky. I was the only person on line. I paid for my Dopio Con Panna (yes, I like whipped cream) and proceeded to wait on line... and wait... as two workers yapped behind the counter. The waitress seemed surprised when I asked for my money back. So, did the barista. I told him he took too long and walked out, never to return. Who's the dopio now - Grim
Horror at Grim
Taking Over
I noticed that no one seems to be using this site, so I've decided to make it my own. For all intense and purpose I am Grim, and being that I tend to eat out quite a bite I have no shortage of tales to tell. But feel free to add your two cents about your grim eating escapades.
Horror at Joanne
Eater puts Joanne on Death Watch
Lady Gaga's dad's place may be on it last legs...
Horror at Mr. Tang
Going downhill
Used to love their pork fried rice. But the last time the rice tasted old, the carrots were mealy and there was virtually no pork. Come on guys you can do better than that - Tim
Horror at Chin Chin
Taking it on the Chin
The New York Post is reporting a lawsuit claims workers at the this trendy spot were making mock penis dumplings... Click here for the story
Horror at Blue Bottle Coffee
not impressed
went here looking for a good cup of joe... but my cappucino was like drinking milk. C'mon guys. Get real
Horror at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
Not impressed
Ate the pork dumplings got immediate indigestion.
Horror at Wendy's
This has got to be the worst Wendy's in the city. A 15-20 minute wait is the norm, especially during non-rush times. Clueless workers goofing off as your food gets cold. An even more clueless manager who cannot even control his staff. If it wasn't convenient I'd never go back here again... signed Tortured
Horror at Di Fara Pizza
Di Fara's shut down
The Daily News reports Di Fara's in Brooklyn has been shut down for 67 health violations. How can something so grimy taste so good?
Horror at Grim
Don't Buy The
Arnold Diaz inducts the city's restaurant grading system into the Hall of Shame. Click here to see the report
Horror at Grim
Boycott Sixpoint Brewery
We can only hope that the anti-capitalists at Sixpoint... which by the way makes a lot of money... go out of business real soon after providing kegs of water to the anti-Wall St crowd. What a bunch of f'in hypocrites. If you don't like New York, or the cops, then leave it.